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Curator: Marisa Melo

Technology: Bruna Dagostino

Realized by: UP Time Art Gallery

Exhibiton: July 22 - September 22 - 2022

Local: Shopping Morumbi Town

Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 5930 - First Floor

Monday to saturday  10h - 22h

Sunday 14 -20h

Technology has proved to be a fundamental tool to expand the limits of artistic production. In recent years, countless artists have used digital resources to create new dialogues, seeking to establish the foundations of modern visuality.


Based on this reality, the exhibition proposes to take the viewer on a journey in the imagination, through dream and visual activation. The show brings the various characteristics of contemporary art, which in part is related to the technological legacy brought by modernism. Innovative creations are presented by creative protagonists to meet a new time.


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