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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Karla Lessa established a direct contact with the beauties and peculiarities of the city. She had an artistic experience at Largo das 5 mouths, where she developed the strength and passion characteristic of her art. Karla Lessa has a degree in Fine Arts from the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He uses his gift as a way to get closer to the culture of Rio de Janeiro and to reduce some of the social problems that he finds in her surroundings.

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Her theme is plural, however, paradoxically, a characteristic feature of his work is the passion that pulsates and enchants. Her art is a communion of human essence with what is most pure in being. The artist, on her journey, inspires and transports those who have the opportunity to get in touch with her creations.



On September 14, 2016, she received the Commemorative Medal of the 200 Years of the School of Fine Arts (EBA / UFRJ) for services rendered to the Institution.


Mônica Ferreira da Silva

Teacher at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

"I have followed Karla Lessa's creative line for more than a decade. I can see that her artistic creation, as well as the definition of art, always provokes emotion !!! I have already been able to enjoy curiosity, affection, amazement, vivacity, harmony, seduction and so many other expressions of living. Karla Lessa's work, bluntly and lightly, dialogues with our gaze and takes us inside. "

"Karla Lessa evokes her dynamic and graceful personality through a lyrical abstractionism that enchants both the synergy of forms and the radiant color. A versatile artist, she transits through several techniques - be they bi or three-dimensional - without giving up the joy that is peculiar to her and overflows in herv works. "

Rafael Frota

Visual Artist

Marília Xavier

Teacher of Philosophy

"I learned to observe her art! In a context of familiarity, identifying the gift is like being able to tell the truth about a fact that was in secret. From an early age, concerned with our tasks, professions, our small overcoming of everyday life pointed us to fragmented paths, the indecipherable times that made us real women, winners of ourselves. I have always seen in its genuine trait, the positive outline of her fragmentation. The feeling that each work deciphered a little of that time, of those affections and ... disaffected. Her work injects us with an active, temporal and even resilient contemporary. Despite all the crude discoveries, the inequality, the lack of truth that causes us every day, our artist deciphering that can reach us ... and when it reaches us it prints its logic and mystery. Art as pure discovery !! Discovery that communicates a fascinating interiorized world that springs out of itself and meanders with strokes, colors, elliptical, amphibious and primitive images. Her work brings us a contemporary object that is not afraid of being incomplete, yielding its turn to the observer's own fascination. That's what your art does to me !!! Thank you for her! "

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