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The visual artist Karla Lessa brings together, in her visual work, two aspects that complement each other through technique, whether in ink, painting, watercolor or sculpture. Both point out trajectories to be developed and deepened by research and continuous practice.

There is an organic aspect that comes from a dialogue with nature and with the forms that are articulated in space through curves and lines that create a mysterious atmosphere, in which abstraction is present and establishes a movement that alludes to the dynamics of bodies and beings in constant transformation.

Another facet is associated with a language that points to the dilemmas of existence due to the way silences are created that compel us to think about the meaning of life. This aspect, which is stronger when there are fewer references from the concrete and considered real world, generates infinite possibilities for development.

It is through research, mainly in works in black and white, sepia and in gray tones, that the artist achieves more significant results, which interrogate the observer and pose him before the traditional Greek philosophical questions about the meaning of being in the world, forcing immersing themselves, in an organic and existential perspective, in the intermittent dialogue between past, present and future.


Oscar D'Ambrosio is a journalist from USP, a master in Visual Arts from Unesp, a graduate in Letters (Portuguese and English) and a doctor in Education, Art and History of Culture from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Manager of Communication and Marketing at the School of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo.

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